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Will Brexit lead to price rises in home improvements?

It is still by no means clear whether or not Brexit will actually happen. Within our industry however, impacts of Britain’s 2016 referendum vote to leave the European Union have been felt already.

The vast majority of door and window products installed by Admiral Windows are of British manufacture. However, raw materials are traded on global markets and supplier prices have increased – partly due to a correction in the value of sterling.

While Admiral Windows staff are all Oxfordshire based UK nationals, for some years the wider construction industry has been supported by skilled labour from A8 countries such as Poland. With departures now outnumbering arrivals and, with unemployment at a historic low, labour prices within the industry are rising.

Our suppliers pass their increased labour and material costs down to us. So far, we have managed to absorb these costs by increasing efficiencies within our own business – but, in the medium to long term, prices across the industry are more likely to rise than they are to fall! Be assured though that the Admiral Price Promise continues to stand – we will beat any competitor’s like-for-like written quotation.

A significant factor to consider – and this not a Brexit issue – is the rising cost of energy. Electricity and gas prices are due to rise from next month. This makes investing in energy-efficient windows and doors even more worthwhile. The price difference between ‘C’ rated and ‘A’ rated glass is

not huge, and opting for ‘A’ rated glazing at the outset is likely to be a sound financial decision.

While no-one knows how Brexit (or lack of Brexit) will pan out, the aforementioned factors suggest that it would make sense to bring forward any planned spending on increasing the energy efficiency of your home. If you would like to discuss your requirements for new energy-efficient windows and doors, please contact Admiral Windows Oxford on 01865 788333.

Dink at the window

Because Brexit is such a contentious issue and one that’s likely to get blood pressures soaring. we’ll finish with a picture of a lovely kitty. Like Parliament, she’s not terribly good at making firm in / out decisions.

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