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White uPVC (plastic) Tilt Turn Window

Our Continental cousins seem to have more of a love affair than us with Tilt & Turn windows..... far more prevalent in the streets of France, Germany, Italy and Russia!

When it comes to versatility these windows tend to have an edge on the traditional outward opening windows that we are so fond of.

They are hinged to open inwards, and can tilt inwards at the top for ventilation.

Tilt And Turn Window closed, tilted and opned
Double panel tilt and turn white plastic window
white upvc tilt and turn window.jpg
Triple Panel Tilt and Turn Windows

To accommodate the inward opening feature the outer frame generally needs to be larger to overcome the hinges binding on the internal plaster, and of course they do encroach in to the room when opened fully, which can be a disadvantage in a small room, when every inch/centimetre counts!

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