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vertical sliding sash window cottage style.jpg

Choice, choices, choices!

What type of vertical sliding sash window do you require?

This may be a very strange way to introduce this section of our website, but depending on where you live, the choice may not necessarily be yours!

If you live in a Conservation Area you may be required to have your old vertical sliding sash windows replaced with timber windows to exactly replicate every detail of the original windows.


Admiral Windows can reproduce your window and offer a full design and install programme to satisfy the local authority Planning Department officials.

We can also supply the very best uPVC option where circumstances allow. With modern manufacturing techniques and energy efficient glass and seals, our range of vertical sliding sash windows are a dream to operate and out perform the old timber sashes. 

vertical sliding sash windows in a bay.jpg
Sash horn

Sash Horn

Large bottom sash rail

Large BottomRail

With optional sash horns, wide bottom rails and authentic astragal bars available, only the most ardent expert would be able to tell these windows were not original.....and maybe the odd local planning officer!

Single or double tilt inward sashes are an option for easy cleaning, and as always the choice of colours are mindblowing, even though the traditional vertical sliding window is generally white!

Vertical sliding sash windows with double tilt inward sashes
White uPVC Vertical sliding sash window with a single tilt inwards bottom sash
vertical sliding sash window samples in different colours.jpg
vertical sliding sash windows with sash horns in a bay.jpg
timber (wooden) traditional vertical sliding sash window with georgian bars
white timber vertical sliding sash bay windows.jpg
White wooden vertical sliding sash windows with sash horns1.jpg

Box sash alternative!

Oxford is full of Victorian town houses like the one illustrated below, with the original vertical sliding sash windows desperate for replacement. Many of these properties have been converted to HMO (houses of multiple occupation), and landlords doing their best to give tenants affordable housing in what is an affluent and expensive area of the Country to live.

When it comes to changing the old timber vertical sliding sash windows in a property like this, the cost of installing them can be a big investment. These houses commonly have many more windows than the average semi!


There is an alternative......The Box Sash Alternative



Team Admiral Windows can remove the old sash boxes and install economical  top hinged windows complete with new maintenance free internal uPVC liners and architraves fully compliant with Fensa regulations for a fraction of the normal cost of vertical sliders.

Victorian House with White Vertical Sliding Sash Windows
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