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Patio doors are an affordable, long-term upgrade that connects your home with your garden, balcony or conservatory. Sliding open on a track, patio doors smoothly glide one behind the other, making them a popular and space-saving alternative to bi-fold doors.

Available in uPVC or aluminium, Admiral sliding patio doors are made from multiple large panes. Offering practicality and style in equal measure, there’s a wide range of colours and decorative glass effects to choose from. 

Key benefits:

  • Large panes of glass for the best view in the house

  • Save on energy with the natural warmth of the sun

  • Gain more inside space as doors slide one behind the other

The patio doors illustrated on the two photos below are a fine example of "back to back" white uPVC doors, where both centre doors slide behind their respective fixed panes, to provide a nice wide opening in the centre. As an alternative they can be specified to slide on the outside tracks, with the fixed panes on the inside.


Team Admiral Windows completed this conservatory in 2017 in Calvert, Buckinghamshire for our good friends and Morris Dancers! We left them dancing in the streets!

white uPVC "back to back" sliding on the inside tracks patio doors with two side glass panels
White uPVC two-panelled sliding patio doors

And below is another example of back to back patio doors fitted in Woodstock in June 2020. Not only were our clients pleased with the work, they also took this photo to show that their house looks happy too!

Did you notice the slight difference between these patio doors and the ones fitted to our Morris Dancer friends above?

One installation has the patio door sashes sliding on the outside tracks and the other has them on the inside tracks! Just another choice available to Admiral Windows customers!

 white uPVC "back to back" sliding on the outside tracks patio doors patio doors with two side glass panels
two part white uPVC sliding patio doors

This porch was created on the Dogwood Green estate in Kidlington in 2019 for a client who already had an open tiled roof above his original front door, and wanted the convenience of an enclosed area.


Team Admiral Windows constructed a new base, and infilled the gap with a new two part white uPVC sliding patio door and a uPVC half glazed panel to the end. The job was finished off with new fascias and guttering.

The main image featured on our home page, and again here shows how stunning patio doors can look as part of a modern contemporary development when used with the right materials. 

Team Admiral Windows were responsible for the installation of the beautiful anthracite grey uPVC patio doors, the aluminium fascia above the doors and the Marley Cedral cladding to the 13 flats and penthouses in Dark Lane, Witney.


The client was really happy with the result, which was just as well 'cos he's our boss!

Anthracite Grey two part uPVC sliding patio doors with aluminium fascia and Marley Cedral cladding
Two part white uPVC Sliding Patio Door
Oak colour uPVC two part sliding patio door in the kitchen
oak colour two part uPVC double doors
black aluminium two part sliding patio doors
anthracite grey four part uPVC sliding patio doors with the outside tracker
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