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Rosewood uPVC front door

The original answer to the high maintenance old timber door. These doors were revolutionary when they were first introduced in the early 1980's and still boast high levels of thermal insulation and low levels of maintenance. With many styles to choose from and a large selection of decorative glass patterns, these door still command a place in the market.   





Elephant grey composite doors Shepley resized.jpg

Almost every front entrance door we fit is now a Composite door. Since their introduction to the UK in 1996 they have deservedly become the best selling entrance door on the market. They authenticate the look of a traditional timber front door, but in every respect they outperform their predecessor!

Admiral Windows know our products and we highly recommend and use three manufacturers.....Solidor, Visage and Virtuoso, and are happy to stake our reputation and 10 year guarantee on them!

Anthracite Grey Aluminium Front Entrance Door with a side glass panel Apple Blossom Oxfrod

With the upsurge in the use of aluminium windows and bi-fold doors, more and more discerning customers are demanding the very best in aluminium designs for their front entrance doors. The industry has jumped on the opportunity to meet that demand, and our manufacturing partners now have a fantastic selection of unique styles and designs. 

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