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Living room with white upvc bay window
Bearing bay poles scheme

Load bearing bay poles are a necessity when replacing the window sections of these bays, and at Admiral, we have all the experience necessary to replace the whole structure without losing any of the essential stability originally built in to your property.

The traditional bay window makes an immediate statement of intent and has been used by architects for many years to stamp their design on a property that will last the life of the building. Unfortunately, the buildings last longer than the original timber bays, so inevitably, at some point, bays need to be replaced! This is not a job for amateurs! Many bay windows are structural. They were built as part of the original house and are integral to the support structure of the facade.


Edwardian Splendour upvc bay windows installed by Admiral Windows Oxford
Aluminium bay window in anthracite grey installed by Admiral Windows.jpg

This anthracite grey aluminium square bay on this new build house in Harwell isn't load bearing in the same sense, but it does need to support a weighty flat lead roof above, so the architect specified steel poles bolted to the roof structure and the masonry below.

Team Admiral Windows fitted the windows and then added purpose made aluminium cladding in the same powder coated finish as the windows around the steel poles. Dense insulation was sandwiched between the cladding and steel to prevent "cold bridging".

Admiral Windows Gallery white upvc bow bay window standard casement window
Admiral Windows Gallery white upvc bow bay flush casement window with astragal bars
Bay Bow Four section upvc (plastic) window
Large house extension with bay windows
White uPVC (plastic) Bay Window with vertical sliding sashes

Bow bays are not load bearing structures, but they still need to be constructed with a clear understanding of the weight of frames and glass.

These bays tend to protrude very little, and in the case of this bow bay which was constructed in Kennington in 2016, the whole projection still lies entirely within the roof soffit.

To make a feature out of a flat window, Admiral can convert it by removing your old window, and constructing a new bow bay, with an extended internal windowboard, creating a lovely feature in your room.

If you don't have an extended soffit or you want a bow bay conversion on your house, Team Admiral Windows can fit a new canopy over the top, as shown in our video below.

Timelapse video of the conversion of a flat window to a property in Abingdon, in to a bow bay with a Glass Reinforced Plastic canopy, finished with scalloped lead above for a weather tight seal. As a bonus you can also see our busy fitters replacing the old front door with a beautiful new dark  blue composite door with matching composite side panels, and install a new sliding patio door to the inner porch.

All in a days work for Team Admiral Windows!

Bay windows in white upvc with decorative glass
white upvc bay windows flush casement with astragal bars, white composite door1.jpg
cream upvc bay standard casement windows with georgian bars
White plastic bay window with decorative glass panels standard casement.jpg
upvc bay windows flush casement.jpg
white upvc bay windows three panes standard casement.jpg
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