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For the curious at heart , a "roof trim" project is the term we give for the replacement of your fascias, soffits and rainwater goods, and for clarity we have illustrated the component parts for you.

Fortex cladding by Freefoam

Maintenance free, long lasting, thermally efficient and attractive.

Fortex® is a range of innovative exterior cladding products that provides the benefits of low maintenance PVC. Features an attractive embossed wood effect finish in a choice of two styles, Double Shiplap and Weatherboard. A wide range of  ten subtle colours including Pale Gold and Pale Blue to Storm Grey, Slate Grey and Argyl Brown, all of which will complement any design ideas.

Freefoam products have been independently tested to conform to rigorous fire resistance criteria when tested to EN 13501-1:2007 and EN 13245:2008.

Download Reaction to Fire Performance
of Freefoam Fascia, Soffit and Cladding Certificate
Reaction to Fire Performance of Freefoam Products Fascia, Soffit and Cladding Certificate

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The Benefits Of Freefoam Cladding

Fortex Cladding Colours:

Fortex Cladding White colour.
RAL 9003
Fortex Cladding Pale Gold Colour
 Pale Gold
RAL 1013
Fortex Cladding Sand Colour
Fortex Cladding Pale Blue Colour
Pale Blue
Fortex Cladding Argyl Brown Colour
Argyl Brown
Fortex Cladding Misty Grey Colour RAL 7038
Misty Grey 
RAL 7038
Fortex Cladding Storm Grey Colour RAL 7045
 Storm Grey 
RAL 7045
Fortex Cladding Colonial Blue Colour RAL 7000
 Colonial Blue
RAL 7000
Fortex Cladding Slate Grey Colour RAL 7015
 Slate Grey 
RAL 7015
Fortex Cladding Sage Green Colour
 Sage Green 

Cladding Visualizer

Birch cladding

We also install standard uPVC cladding when a textured finish isn't required, but durability and a low maintenance, cost effective solution is paramount. With many of the same performance qualities, it's hard to beat the value of our 150mm shiplap cladding. 

shiplap cladding by Admiral Windows Oxford
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