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white fascia, soffit, box end and bargeboard/ black gutter and downpipe

For the curious at heart , a "roof trim" project is the term we give for the replacement of your fascias, soffits and rainwater goods, and for clarity we have illustrated the component parts for you.

Roof Trim Visualizer

Black Deepflow Gutter Freeflow Freefoam

Team Admiral Windows are proud to use Freefoam products when replacing your roof trim and rainwater goods. They are designed to provide a long lasting and trouble free solution to those high level, hard to reach areas. They are made from lead-free formulations with high UV protection. The guttering comes with a white internal face, no matter what external colour you choose, to combat the effects of expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature. No more creaking noises!

As with all our work, team Admiral Windows need to work within Health and Safety guidelines and this area of work is particularly hazardous. Due care will always be taken to safeguard our staff, in particular with regard to access for safe working and for the possible presence of asbestos, which was prevalent in the original construction of many roofs. Boards containing asbestos were still being used in roof construction until their total ban in December 1999!

Safety First sign
Working with Asbestos Insulating Board (AIB) 
Asbestos Insulating Board soffit

Our staff attend regular Asbestos Awareness courses and are mindful of the seriousness of the presence of asbestos, which is why we very often suggest covering AIB soffits, rather than the costly expense of specialist removal and waste management. Talk to our friendly consultants about the options of full replacement roof trim and cap over for your home. We will discuss the benefits of each, according to your own requirements!

Anthracite grey fascia, gutter and downpipe

Galvanised downpipes, with anthracite grey fascias and soffits in Witney completed by Admiral in 2016.

Brown square guttering

Beautiful freefoam anthracite grey guttering, fascias and soffits to a new build development in Harwell, completed by Team Admiral Windows in 2019

Galvanised rainwater goods with antracite grey fascia and soffits

Freefoam rosewood fascias and white hollowboard soffit, with brown rainwater goods

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