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Stormproof Casement
uPVC (plastic) standard casement window in brown colour

Our standard uPVC window is anything but "standard". It is a quality British Made, Secure By Design double rebate stormproof window with twin high tech Q-Lon gaskets, multi-point locking, multi-chamber construction and energy efficient glass, producing extreme performance in double and triple glazed options, two frame profiles options and a large choice of colours and dual colours.

Flush Casement
uPVC (plastic) flush casement window in light grey colour

We offer a range of flush casement windows including the top quality Residence Collection, replicating the traditional look of period timber windows with sleek lines, available in many colours including the popular heritage colours, with a choice of handle styles including monkey tail handles and stays for authenticity.

upvc (plastic) bay window with astragal bars and arched top window in white colour

Made of connected casement windows, bays allow the light to flood in to your home, and with purpose made poles expertly installed, the whole process maintains the structural integrity of your property for complete peace of mind.

uPVC (plastic) Vertical Sliding Sash Window in white colour

Our market leading uPVC sliding sash window with optional sash horns is the modern alternative to the drafty timber sashes. Using a multi-chamber perfectly engineered system and efficient seals with energy rated glass, it's now possible to maintain the traditional look combined with effortless operation and exceptional performance. Sashes can also tilt inwards.

 uPVC (plastic)  Tilt and Turn Window in White Colour with Astragal Bars

With easy access to the outside glass - from inside the property, tilt and turn windows can make a practical and stylish alternative to casement windows. The design also allows the window to be tilted open for ventilation.

• Inward opening 
• Turn the handle 90 degrees to tilt the top inwards
• Turn the handle 180 deg to hinge the whole casement inwards

triangle shaped uPVC (plastic) windows in Anthracite Grey Colour

If you have seen it, we can build it!

uPVC is such a versatile material it is possible to shape windows and doors to almost any design. Circular windows, arched heads, and multiple shapes are all possible for team Admiral. 

Our image shows "raked" frames in popular anthracite grey fitted to a new development in Cowley.


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