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set of white uPVC double doors with side panels and astragal bars

Timeless elegance!

The simple beauty of a set of double doors makes them as popular today as they've always been.

Often called French doors, nowadays there is no difference in detail. However, originally French doors tended to be smaller and more often split in to multiple panes, whereas double doors were usually much bigger, and used as commercial entrances and for your everyday stately home or castle!

set of white uPVC double doors with narrow side panels with plain glass
set of white uPVC double doors with one pane wider than the other and two side glass panes with clear glass
1-1white upvc french patio doors with fully glazed side panels wider than doors.jpg
white uPVC double doors with one side pane
brown two equal panes uPVC double doors with two large side panels with decorative glass
Composite two panes french doors with astragal bars

Our double doors come with toughened safety glass and multi-point locking as standard to give total peace of mind and security.

A standard feature on our double doors is the "slave lock" option, which includes two pairs of door handles. One door is called the master door and is the prime opener, but the other "slave" door also has a pair of door handles fitted for easy operation. No fiddling with the hidden finger bolt before you can open up the second door!

Double handles slave lock Admiral Window
Offset french double doors: one door is bigger tnah the other

We might be stating the obvious now, but did you know you don't have to have your double doors of equal size!

They're called offset double doors and are available at Admiral Windows at no extra cost!

They still have the same multi-point locking mechanism and the slave lock feature as standard. They are a useful alternative when the opening you have is narrow and a pair of "equal width" doors means opening just one door isn't quite wide enough to get through!

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