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white uPVC back door with a clear glass top panel and smooth bottom panel

Toughened safety glass is the minimum requirement for any glass in doors. Impact resistant and will shatter in to thousands of small harmless pieces if broken.

The humble back door

"The poor relation" not how we see the humble back door. It needs to be just as practical, just as secure and just as reliable as the "Celebrity" front door!


At Admiral Windows, we realise your back door is in many ways as important as your front door, so we don't skimp on these essential qualities.

toughned glass breaks in to little peices when hit with a hammer

Upgrades to laminated security glazing available on request, and standard on new build houses to comply with Document Q of Building Regulations.

This type of sealed unit has an outer pane of laminate glass which has a thin layer of plastic strongly bonded in between two panes of glass that prevents shards of glass flying through

the air when the unit is broken. 

laminated stays in one peice when hit with a hammer
multi-point locking for door security, hooks and deadlocks

Multi-point security locking is another essential feature of our back doors. Hooks and deadbolts included in this feature will ensure your home is safe and secure.

Yale hook for door security
Chartwell Green uPVC back door with a top glass panel with astragal bars and smooth bottom panel
white uPVC back door with a clear glass top panel and carved bottom panel
white upvc back door with an obscure glass top panel and smooth bottom panel
white upvc frame and full height glass panel with astragal bars

If your current back door is not ready to be replaced, but you are experiencing issues with it, or maybe you want a pet door fitted to the bottom panel......follow our link to the repairs section and discover how Team Admiral can help!

door repairs button

The versatile stable door

Stable doors can make a good alternative to the conventional back door, allowing the top half to be open to allow fresh air to pour in to your home, but keep your precious little angels safe inside.......or outside!

Stable door defence against muddy shoes
Conventional white upvc stable door with a top clear glass panel and a side window

You can also use a stable door as your main front door. Available in timber, composite and uPVC, they come in a range of designs a vast selection of colours.

swatch examples of colours

Great for added security when opening the door to strangers, and ideal when you have an excited Cockapoo eager to charge out the door before you have a chance to put a lead on him!

These doors operate as two separate sections and bolt closed individually for total peace of mind.

Stable front door in grey colour with Cockapoo
Tilt and turn white upvc door with a clear glass top panel

Have you ever heard of a "Tilt Turn Door"........

It has all the advantages of a stable door where the top half can open, but it is different in it's design.........

The top half is part of the door with a tilt turn window where the glass would normally be! This means when the window is closed, the door can be used exactly the same way as a conventional door, with a full length multi-point lock and operated by a normal lever handle and locked with a single turn of the key. When you want fresh air in the top part, the window section can be turned inwards to replicate a stable door, or it can just be tilted in at the top for controlled ventilation. Now that's smart!

Tilt and turn door with open upper section
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