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Cat Flap Installation in a Glass Door: The Purr-fect Solution for Your Feline Friend

Updated: Apr 23

Are you a cat owner who cherishes your furry companion’s independence? Do you find yourself constantly opening and closing the door to let your cat in and out? If so, it’s time to consider a convenient and efficient solution: a cat flap. Everyone knows that a cat flap can be easily installed in a wooden, uPVC, or composite back door. But what if you have a set of beautiful modern bi-folding doors? Or glass patio doors? Is it possible to install a cat flap in a glass door? And if yes, what is the process of installing a cat flap in a glass door? Is it possible to install a cat flap into the existing glass door panel, or a new glass unit will be required? In this article, we will answer these questions and explain the ins and outs of the process and how it can enhance both your cat’s life and your own. Let’s dive right in!

Is it possible to install a cat flap in a glass door?

There is no doubt that a cat flap offers numerous benefits for you and your feline friend. First and foremost is the freedom to explore the great outdoors your cat gains with a cat flap. And the second, no less important, is that you will no longer need to interrupt whatever you are doing to open the door for your cat. The latest trends in maximising natural light in the house have led to the increased popularity of large bi-folding and glass patio doors. And many pet owners have the same question: Is it possible to install a cat flap in a glass door? And the answer is YES, it is possible to install a cat flap in a glass door and give your pet the independence they all love.

A Cat Flap Installed In A Set Of Anthracite Grey Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors in Woodstock by Admiral Windows.
A Cat Flap Installed In A Set Of Anthracite Grey Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

Cat Flap Installation in a Glass Door: Will you need a new glass unit, or is it possible to install a cat flap into the existing one?

Will you need a new glass unit to fit a cat flap in a glass door? And the answer is yes, you will. We will explain why.

The sealed glazing unit in your glass doors is made up of two (or three, if it’s triple glazing) panes of glass. To comply with Building Regulations, these glass panes should be made of toughened glass. (Although, after the last amendments to the Building Regulations in 2022, at least one of the panes of glass should be laminated)

Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is a type of safety glass that has been exposed to extreme heat and then cooled rapidly. During the tempering process, the outer surface of the glass is put into compression by rapid cooling, whereas the interior of the glass is put to tension as it remains hot, resulting in increased compressive strength and improved bending qualities of the glass. That’s why when toughened glass is exposed to a severe impact, it will break into small, harmless blunt pieces instead of jagged shards of glass. And that is also why you should not attempt to cut the toughened glass – it will break. Therefore, to install a cat flap into a glass door, the annealed glass should be cut to the required size before the heat treatment. That’s why a new glass unit will be required to install a cat flap. Is your furry family member not worth the investment?

Process Of Installing A Cat Flap In A Glass Door

Installing a cat flap in a glass door requires knowledge and expertise, and it all begins with choosing the right company for the job. At Admiral Windows, we are well-versed in the art of cat flap installations, ensuring a smooth and seamless process from start to finish.

  1. Tailored Measurements: Our experienced technicians will carefully measure your glass door, ensuring a perfect fit for the new glass unit and cat flap.

  2. Custom Cut Opening: New glass panes are carefully cut to accommodate the cat flap securely. We understand that the integrity of your double-glazed door is of utmost importance, which is why we follow strict regulations and standards throughout the installation process.

  3. Selection of the Ideal Cat Flap: You can get an online recommendation on choosing the perfect cat flap for your furry friend. From size and locking mechanisms to energy efficiency and microchip compatibility, the choice is yours and should satisfy your requirements. Team Admiral Windows has recently installed a Large Cat Mate Glass & Wall Fitting Cat Flap in anthracite grey aluminium bi-folding doors: This cat flap is available in two sizes and only one colour – white. But look at the photos - the cat flap’s colour perfectly matches the bi-folds! Magic of transformation performed by Team Admiral Windows.

An anthracite grey cat flap installed  in anthracite grey aluminium bi-folding doors
An Anthracite Grey Cat Flap Installed In Anthracite Grey Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

4. Expert Installation: Our team of professionals ensures that the cat flap is installed securely, providing your cat with easy access while maintaining the structural integrity and thermal performance of your glass door.

Safety and Regulations

At Admiral Windows, safety is paramount. We strictly adhere to the regulations set forth by UK authorities when installing cat flaps in glass doors. Our aim is not only to provide your cat with a safe and comfortable entryway but also to ensure that your home remains secure and thermally efficient.

Why Choose Admiral Windows for Your Cat Flap Installation?

Experience and Expertise: With more than 35 years of experience in double-glazing installations, we have honed our skills to provide excellent service. We have successfully installed many thousands of pet doors.

Customer Satisfaction: A large number of returning customers speaks volumes.

Certifications and Standards: Admiral Windows is FENSA registered and committed to maintaining industry standards for safety and quality.

Customised Solutions: We understand that every home and cat is unique. That’s why we offer personalised solutions tailored to your requirements.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of constantly opening and closing the door for your feline friend. A cat flap installed in your glass door is the ideal way to grant your cat the independence they crave while providing you with the peace of mind you deserve and maintaining the safety, security, and thermal efficiency of your house. Trust Admiral Windows to expertly install your cat flap, ensuring a smooth and efficient process that leaves you and your furry companion purring with satisfaction.

A cat sitting in front of a cat flap installed in a glass door

Give your cat the freedom they desire and make your life easier with cat flap installation in a glass door by Admiral Windows. Contact us today to embark on this pawsome journey toward a more feline-friendly home!

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