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Glass roofs- lanterns and flat rooflights.

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home." Edith Sitwell

It's not the winter yet. It's autumn here. Summer's warmth is gone, but we can still enjoy the rare sunny spells, and the magnificent colours autumn brings. Yet, the cold weather is dominating more, bringing windy and rainy days. We will spend more and more time indoors, enjoying the warmth and cosiness of home and the priceless family time.

Lots of people who installed conservatories, use them as extra living space and love spending time there. Old-style conservatories could be too hot in the summer, and too cold in the winter. Modern technologies and materials work magic, and nowadays, conservatories have excellent thermal, weather and soundproof qualities, meaning you can enjoy the added space all year round. Lots of people put extra effort converting their conservatories into a comfortable and atmospheric area where they spend hours just relaxing or having a great time with family and friends.

Traditionally, a conservatory was built with at least 50% sidewalls made of glass. Nowadays, fully glazed conservatories fitted with high energy-efficient glass are gaining more and more popularity. When it comes to the roof, you can choose between a solid tiled roof, translucent polycarbonate roof, or glass roof. All of them will provide years of excellent performance.

Today we would like to tell you about glass roofs because they are becoming more and more popular for their stunning contemporary look and fantastic sky views, the amount of natural light they allow in, and superb thermal and weatherproof qualities.

Manufacturers offer a great selection of different glass roofs designs, shapes and sizes to fit precisely your vision, house and budget.


Lantern glass roof with white aluminium frame inside view
Lantern Glass Roof With White Frame

Lanterns are designed to bring the maximum light into the conservatory or extension, giving the spectacular sky view from the inside. Super light and robust 40mm aluminium frame rafter create slim, elegant roof profiles that ensure high thermal performance and make a sleek appearance that brings stylish and modern finish.

Lantern roofs incorporate a few glass panes joint together in an angle and will perfectly fit into the opening of circular, square, or rectangular shape, thus the styles of lanterns- Circular, Pyramid, and Rectangular.

The Rectangular and Pyramid can be of Regular or Contemporary designs. The difference between these two is that the Contemporary design has only one glass pane on each side of the lantern, while the Regular consists of multiple rafters and glass units

Circular rectangular pyramid shapes lantern glass roofs

Contemporary design rectangular lantern glass roof with white frame

The design of Contemporary Rectangular lantern makes a slight impact on the maximum size of this rooflight, and it cannot be more than 1500 x 3000mm, which is still not small anyway!

Rectangular lantern glass roof regular design with anthracite grey frame

The Regular design can go up in size dramatically - up to 5000mm over 10000mm, meaning you will have more sky and less roof!

Pyramid lantern glass roof with light grey aluminium frame

The similar principle is for Pyramids- the Contemporary Pyramid has a single glass unit on each side and can be as big as 2000mm over 2000mm. Multiple glass units compose the Regular Pyramid that allows it to be produced in much larger sizes and fit into bigger openings.

With the maximum size of Circular lantern of up to 4800mm, you can create a modern and stylish addition to your house and maximise the use of natural light.

Aluminium rafters used to produce rooflights are robust and durable and provide excellent thermal efficiency and can be manufactured in any RAL colour. Double colours are also available, meaning the internal colour can differ from the external to fit the character and design of the house perfectly. Combined with double or triple glazed units filled with argon gas and incorporated with thermally efficient low emissivity glass, the lanterns offer the maximum thermal insulation and heat reflection. They can greatly withstand the bad weather and "live load" such as heavy rain, snow, or wind, and reduce the noise of these weather extremes creating a warm, safe and cosy place you would want to stay in.


Flat rooflights are a perfect solution for the visual expansion of the room and other in-closed dark areas. The seamless design will prevent water accumulation and mould growth. There is an attractive, usually 100mm wide, coloured border around the pane of glass. If required, or desired, the border can be tinted in any of the RAL colours. Thanks to the unique, minimalistic design, the flat rooflights will suit any house.

Flat Rooflight with black outer frame

Flat Rooflight inside view
Flat Rooflight

The maximum size of the flat rooflights varies and can be up to 800mm over 2800mm, or 1200mm over 2500mm, or 1400mm x 2000mm. But it doesn't mean they cannot be bigger! To increase thermal qualities, you can choose triple or even quad glazing!

All rooflights are made-to-measure to customer's requirements. As standard, lanterns and flat rooflights come with double glazed units fitted with toughened safety glass. The outer layer of the units combines Low-E and Solar Control coating, ensuring excellent thermal qualities, reducing the amount of destructive UV rays by up to 94% and achieving the U value as low as 1.2 for double glazed units and 0.9 for triple glazed. For better solar control and ultimate performance, you can opt for Pilkington Active Blue or Celsius Elite glass resulting in even lower U value. Added blue or green tint will enhance the appearance of the roof and make it look more elegant and contemporary. The flat rooflights can also be fitted with frosted/opaque finished glass for extra privacy.


Glass with self-cleaning properties is a great option worth considering. It will help save time and effort in keeping your glass roof clean and the sky views undisturbed. The self-clean coating is a microscopic outer layer which uses UV rays and rainwater to break down the dirt and grime accumulating on the outside of the unit. As a result, the reduced need for manual cleaning of those hard and sometimes dangerous to reach places.

To recap, the advantages of installing modern rooflight are apparent: this is a stunningly elegant addition to your home that will provide years of none-troubled performance. The maximum amount of sunlight penetrating the room and fantastic thermal qualities will contribute to reducing the energy bills. You will enjoy your conservatory or home extension every day all year round! Moreover, rooflights are an excellent investment in your house and your quality of life.

If you are considering changing your old conservatory roof for a new glass rooflight, Team Admiral will provide expert advice on the best solution and a free, no-obligation quote. We have installed a large number of rooflights throughout Oxfordshire and have the required knowledge and skills, from surveying to installation, to complete the job successfully. Contact us on 01865 788 333 or email to book an online or personal appointment.


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