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Window bays and bows

A bay window is a composite of window units, usually consisting of a large centre unit and two flanking units set at angles toward the house wall. Bay windows add space and give a larger glazed area, increasing the amount of light entering a room.

Bay fronted house with flush casements_Admiral Windows Oxford

Bay windows on a 2-storey bay fronted house

A bow window is a bay window but with the window units set in a radial formation, giving a curved appearance. This is sometimes referred to as a bow-bay window.

An oriel window is a bay window that protrudes from the wall without its supporting structure reaching the ground.

bow bay and oriel bay window Admiral Windows Oxford 1200px HEADER

Bow-bay window (left) and an unusual two-faceted oriel bay window (right). Replacement windows fitted by Admiral Windows.

The time-lapse video below shows Admiral Windows converting a flat window aperture into an oriel bow bay (while also replacing the entrance doors).

For advice and pricing information about new windows and doors in Oxfordshire, call Admiral Windows Oxford on 01865 788333.

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