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How to tell whether your windows are internally glazed or externally glazed

Beading strips are used to secure the double-glazed or triple-glazed unit.

Internal beading:

When the beading strips are situated internally, this means that the glass unit is secured in place from inside the room. The glass simply cannot be removed from the outside without breaking it. Windows supplied and fitted by Admiral Windows Oxford are internally beaded as standard.

int shot of int beading 1200 labelled

Interior view of internally beaded window

ext shot of int beaded window 1200 labelled

Exterior view of PVCu internally beaded window

int shot of int beading alu 1200 labelled

Interior view of internally beaded aluminium bi-fold door

External beading:

Externally glazed windows have their beading strips situated on the outside face. In older units, this could mean that glazing units can be removed from outside the building without breaking the glass first.

ext beading example 1200 labelled

Outside view of older PVCu windows, showing obvious beading strips

For security, modern externally glazed windows have wedge gaskets that must first be removed from inside before the external beading strips can be withdrawn. However, if your windows are from the 1980s or 1990s then they might not have this feature, making it easier for a burglar to gain quiet entry. We recommend replacing any such windows. You will also benefit from improved insulation, as frame technology has moved on considerably in recent years.

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