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Triple Glazing – is it really worth the extra outlay?

Triple-glazed windows can offer the best possible insulation. They do however have a few disadvantages when compared with modern double-glazed windows.

Triple-glazed windows are more expensive than double-glazed windows. They are thicker and heavier, putting more strain on the hinges of opening sashes. Also, the more panes of glass that are fitted, the more obscured will be the view out.

Insulation: better – but not that much better.

Less of the sun’s heat will pass into the room through a triple-glazed window unit. This might be desirable in summer but it also means that you’ll benefit less from solar gain – e.g. after cool bright spring and autumn days, your heating might need to work just a little bit harder in the evenings. The overall insulation benefit of triple glazing over the best new double-glazed windows is small – nothing like the significant uplift in insulation gained by replacing a single-glazed window with a double-glazed window.

While triple-glazed windows are popular in Scandinavian countries, the climate in southern England is not really cold enough to experience major benefits. If you’re looking to replace single-glazed windows, and / or you want the very best possible insulation, then triple glazing could be viable. For the majority of our customers in Oxfordshire who are looking to replace older less efficient double-glazed windows, modern ‘A’-rated double-glazed windows – perhaps fitted with soundproofing glass and / or low-emissivity glass – will be a more attractive and cost-effective option.

Every home is different so, to get advice on the best replacement windows for you and your property, call Admiral Windows Oxford on 01865 788333.

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