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Fenestration Industry Challenges Of Going Green.

Updated: Apr 23

In recent years, the signs of climate change and its implications on our lives have become a real worry. Scientists worldwide are warning about the devastating impact global warming is already having on the planet, and it will only get worse if nothing changes. Gas emissions and our carbon footprint are two significant contributors to global warming. Together with experts, innovators, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers, scientists worldwide are working really hard to develop new products and technologies that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric car with zero emissions vs petrol car with smog

We all agree that something has to be done to preserve our planet for the next generations. The UK Government has set up an ambitious target of net-zero-emission by 2050 and plans to ban sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030.

This ambitious plan presents a big challenge for the whole construction industry and the fenestration industry as part of it. If you look around, you will notice that almost every house has uPVC products installed. It includes windows, doors, cladding, fascia and guttering, decking, fences, etc.; uPVC is widely used to manufacture building plastics and fenestration products. One of the main components of uPVC is the resin which is a by-product of oil production. As we are all heading to drive electric vehicles, and with more emerging technologies allowing us to use renewable sources of power rather than fossil-based, solar energy, hydrogen etc, there will be less and less demand for gas and oil, leading to the resin shortage. Meaning that uPVC windows and doors, which are extremely popular with our customers at the moment, may not be as available and affordable as they are now.

Oil Extraction Site and Scheme of Fractional Distillation of Crude Oil

Who would have thought that going green would make such an impact on the fenestration industry?!

Going green presents a real challenge for manufacturers in the construction and fenestration industries. It requires a significant investment in new researchers and developing technologies to produce high-quality, fossil-free products. And the good news is some of them have already made a responsible decision to be more environmentally friendly and have invested in new facilities to recycle old uPVC frames utilising the latest technology that allows them to break down the recycled plastic into raw materials again, which can be used to manufacture new uPVC. The study shows that the end-product quality does not diminish and remains the same after each recycling process. This is one of the most outstanding and remarkable achievements of close collaboration between science and manufacturers!

Liniar double glazing manufacturer recycling facilities

There are millions of old uPVC window frames and doors are taken out of houses every year. If all of them were reaching recycling centres and then broken down to raw materials and used in the new frame production, this on its own could satisfy the current demand for new uPVC windows and doors.

Recycling Facilities of the leading double glazing and building plastics manufacturers VEKA, REHAU, Eurocell

Admiral Windows is a responsible company that understands the challenges our generation is facing now and is doing everything possible to reduce our impact on the planet. We closely work with a few manufacturers that signed Climate Change Agreement and have recycling facilities. All the old uPVC window frames and doors we take from our customers’ houses are not left to rot in the ground but go back to the manufacturers to be recycled and used again to produce new high-quality products. Our customers have now an opportunity to choose between profiles made from raw and recycled materials.

There is more great news. Recently, INEOS-owned company INOVYN, a new UK-based business that focuses on cutting down CO2 emissions and production of clean hydrogen across Europe, has introduced BIOVYN, a new generation of PVC. The new PVC is made from the residue of the wood pulp process and marks the new era in PVC production. Even though the new product is more expensive at the moment, which is quite common with new technologies, its advantages are prominent. Firstly, it’s made from predominantly renewable raw material, and secondly, greenhouse gas emissions during production are 90% less than during the production of conventional uPVC. This new PVC gives us great hope for the future. With the increasing demand for more sustainable materials like this, the technology will develop further. The new PVC will become less expensive, allowing it to be more commonly used and also move away from very damaging for the planet oil and gas extraction.

Another option to consider when thinking of changing your old windows and doors and going green is to choose aluminium windows and doors. Aluminium is the third most abundant material in the planet’s crust, after oxygen and silicon, and the most environmentally friendly metal on the earth. It is 100% recyclable. As much as 75% of all the aluminium ever produced is still in circulation thanks to recycling. Moreover, recycling aluminium uses 95% less energy than producing aluminium from raw materials. It also saves 97% greenhouse gas emissions in primary production. Aluminium is an extraordinarily versatile material. Light but sturdy, it can carry large panes of glass. It can be easily shaped into any form, can be coloured in any RAL colour and have a variety of finishes. The life expectancy of aluminium windows and doors exceeds 45 years, and it’s become the first choice for modern architects and designers, thanks to its qualities. More about the advantages of aluminium windows and doors you can read in our blog Why Aluminium

Museum Of Modern Arts in Oxford. Arch and Shaped Brown Aluminium Window With Astragal Bars. Admiral Windows Installation
Museum Of Modern Arts in Oxford. Arched Anthracite Aluminium Window With Astragal Bars

Preserving our planet for future generations has become the main challenge and duty for all of us. We should start making responsible decisions in our day-to-day lives and adopt new living ways if we want to leave a beautiful place to live in to our children.

If you are thinking of changing your old windows and doors, you can make a responsible choice which will be a great contribution to the future. Contact Admiral Windows, a double glazing company that cares about its customers and the environment. We will supply and fit sustainably sourced high-quality new uPVC and aluminium windows and doors to your choice from the UK leading manufacturers.

Call Admiral office today to organise a visit of one of our friendly, very knowledgeable and helpful staff. We are happy to answer all your queries and advice on the best possible double glazing solution for you.

White uPVC French Patio Doors and Anthracite Grey Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors In A Lean-To Conservatory With Flat Glass Roof
Anthracite Grey Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors, White uPVC French Doors In A Lean-to Conservatory With Glass Roof

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