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Why Aluminium?

Here, at Admiral Windows, we have noticed an increased demand in aluminium double glazing products - doors, windows, conservatories, glass rooflights, curtain walling etc.

Admiral Windows Oxford Aluminium flush casement window in black colour
Beautiful Aluminium Flush Casement Window in Black Colour

Aluminium is a very versatile metal and widely used in the fenestration industry for its qualities.

It is a light but very tough metal and can be forged to be as strong as steel, creating a lightweight slimline profile that can carry a lot of weight. Aluminium frames are slim, elegant, and unobtrusive. They can be fitted with large panes of glass, offering an almost undisturbed outside view, which is a perfect solution for substantial openings.

Admiral Windows Oxford installed anthracite grey aluminium door and side glass wall in Hartwell
Aluminium Front Door 1200mm x 2200mm and Aluminium Glazed Screen

Aluminium doors can be produced to provide a clear opening over 1200mm wide, and up to 2700mm high and are still easy to operate. These doors are strong and durable and offer a superior level of security, especially when combined with high-security locks and handles.

Aluminium French door and side panels
Double Opening French Front Doors in Anthracite Grey

Aluminium is resistant to expansion and contraction. It can easily withstand weather extremes with no signs of wear, warping, or cracking, making aluminium windows and doors perfect for UK weather conditions.

With the life expectancy of 45+ years, aluminium double glazing products will outlast the similar ones made of any other material, which makes them excellent value for money in the long term and very environmentally friendly.

Generally, aluminium doors and windows do not require a lot of maintenance - just an occasional wipe down with a mild soapy water mix and non-abrasive cloth or pad.

High-use commercial doors made of aluminium are far more hard-wearing than uPVC or steel, but still require regular maintenance to reduce the risk of an unexpected failure. Admiral Windows have been successfully providing the Door Maintenance Contracts, and have many years of experience in maintaining commercial doors and keeping them in excellent working condition.

Admiral Windows Oxford Commercial Aluminium Doors and Aluminium Link Conservatory
Aluminium Link Conservatory & Secure Commercial Aluminium Doors in Care Home, Eynsham
Powder coated aluminium profile treatment

The powder-coated paint finish offers aluminium products excellent chemical resistance and provides them with outstanding anti-corrosive protection, which means your aluminium windows and doors will not rust and retain their qualities during the entire lifetime. Thanks to the powder-coated finishing technology, aluminium doors and windows can be manufactured in any RAL colour, including dual colours to suit the character and design of your home perfectly. This technology can also create metallic or wood effect coating with a matte, satin or gloss finish. It can also be antibacterial or anti-graffiti.

Like any metal, aluminium is a great heat conductor. To minimise the transfer of heat and cold through the profile and increase its thermal qualities, a reinforced polyamide strip with low heat-conductive properties is fixed between the two sides of the profile. This creates an insulating barrier within the frame and makes it highly energy efficient. The aluminium frame featuring an insulating strip inside is called thermally broken. It can achieve U values as low as 0.7W per square meter resulting in reduced energy bills.

Cross section of thermally broken aluminium window frame

Modern technologies allow you to create your windows and doors to your choice of design and exact specification. The latest trends in houses designs show increased demand in maximising the use of natural light. This is one of the reasons why more and more people want large windows, bi-folding doors, glass rooflights, and even fully glazed rooms. The other reason is that the large glazed areas give a house a distinctively modern and stylish appearance. Aluminium has become the material of choice for architects, and lots of houses they design come with huge aluminium windows and doors - a winning combination of a contemporary and elegant look with outstanding quality and performance.

Admiral Windows Oxford Aluminium bi-folding doors aluminium windows and aluminium lantern roof
Beautiful Home Extension with Bi-Folding Doors, Windows and Lantern Roof - All in Aluminium

Admiral Windows Oxford anthracite grey aluminium window
Aluminium Window in Anthracite Grey Colour

Admiral Windows Oxford Aluminium Bay Window in Anthracite Grey
Aluminium Bay Window in Anthracite Grey Colour

Admiral Windows Oxford Aluminium Tilt Turn Window in Black
Aluminium Tilt and Turn Window in Black Colour

Admiral Windows Oxford Aluminium Window with Georgian Bars in light grey colour
Aluminium Window with Georgian Bars in Grey Colour

Fitting of aluminium double glazing products is not recommended for DIY or inexperienced fitters. These high-end products require the services of a reputable installer who has the right knowledge and experience to ensure successful project completion. Admiral Windows have installed thousands of aluminium glazing products and have years of experience. All our installations are carried out with care and professionalism and come with the Admiral 10 year guarantee and Fensa registration.

Admiral Windows are the oldest independent double glazing company in Oxfordshire and have been fitting quality products for nearly 35 years. We believe quality is the best form of warranty, and we look forward to serving our customers in the same way for many more years to come.

Admiral Windows Oxford logo
Admiral Windows. Proudly serving Oxfordshire residents since 1986.

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