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ASA upheld complaints against Anglian and Everest on misleading saving-promising ads.

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

We all love bargains, don’t we? It is like winning a lottery when you find something that you really want or need at a special price. You are feeling so lucky when you get a deal with massive savings of 40% or 50% off the original price. Fantastic deal! Probably, no one could resist such an incredible offer. But what if you learnt that the reduced priced you have paid was not a reduced, but the usual non-promotional price, and you have not saved a penny signing up for the deal? That the advertised short-time price reduction you thought you were lucky to benefit from was just a long-time sales technique? Would it make you feel deceived? If the answer is yes, then, we believe, you will be glad to know that something has been done to protect customers from misleading savings promises within the fenestration industry.

Last week Advertising Standards Authority, ASA, upheld complaints against two major national double glazing companies, Anglian Windows LTD t/a Anglian Home Improvements and Everest Ltd, launched by another national company Safestyle UK, who had been known for using the same tactics in the past.

Safestyle challenged that the saving claims of UP TO 40%OFF were misleading and whether they could be substantiated.

During the investigation, ASA looked into the details of the ads, promotional calendars, and the sales data of both companies.

ASA assessed presented by Anglian Windows Ltd promotional calendar for 2019 and early 2020 with all the ads ran during this time and the sales data for the same period. In the end, they concluded that there was not sufficient time between promotions during which products were sold at the usual selling price, not at the reduced one. “Because the ad implied that consumers would be able to achieve a genuine short-term saving against a usual non-promotional selling price of individual products or product ranges, when in fact the products had been sold at lower promotional prices for over a year, we concluded that the savings claim “Up to 40% off” was likely to mislead consumers.

ASA have decided that the ads breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 (Misleading Advertising), 3.7 (Substantiation), and 3.17 (Prices) and that the ad must not appear in the current form again.

The full report can be found here:

Everest Ltd provided their promotional calendar for the year February 2019 to February 2020 and the sales data. According to the calendar, nine consecutive promotions were run during this time, with an immediate start of one after another had just finished. Two of Everest’s ranges were included in the offer of UP TO 40% OFF, the Signature and the Editions. After scrutinising the differences between the two ranges, the promotional calendar, and the sales data, ASA concluded that “the products included in the ‘Editions’ and ‘Signature’ ranges were equivalent”. They also decided that there was not a long enough period of time between Everest’s promotions on the two ranges during which the higher prices of the products were the usual selling prices. “Because we considered the ‘Editions’ and ‘Signature’ product ranges were equivalent, and that the promotional products were not usually sold at a higher non-promotional price, we concluded that the savings claims were likely to mislead consumers”.

ASA have decided that the ads breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 (Misleading Advertising), 3.7 (Substantiation), and 3.17 (Prices) and that the ads must not appear in the current form again.

The full report can be found here:

Admiral Windows and Conservatories are delighted with the decision and hope there will be changes within the industry for the better. We have adopted and promoted the Open and Honest Pricing policy since the company was founded in 1986. We believe that only fair competition and quality of service should determine customers’ choice. We do not use malpractice and do no mislead customers. We do not give false promises of savings and do not use pressure sales techniques. When our customers come to us, they get personal, friendly service and transparency in pricing. A large number of returning customers and recommendations confirm it. Our promise to our customers is that they will always get an honest and fair price and a high-quality service.

More details on the Admiral Approach can be found on our web site:

Our customers have a personal promise from the owner of Admiral Windows to beat any quote for products with the same specifications!

Admiral Windows is a local double glazing company that have been providing their services to the residents of Oxfordshire since 1986. We have gained industry knowledge and valuable experience with thousands of successfully completed projects. We care about our customers and can guarantee that they will be satisfied with the service they receive and the result.

Life is about making the right choice. Choose Admiral!

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Open and Honest Pricing by Admiral Windows and Conservatories Oxford
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