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Solid roof conversion of an existing conservatory

A solid roof conversion gives many benefits to the conservatory owner. Superior insulation and reduced weather noise makes the conservatory into a room that can be used comfortably all year round. When a solid roof replaces a poly-carbonate roof, these improvements are dramatic.

It is important though to commission a reputable company to carry out such work, as there can be pitfalls for the unwary.

The existing foundations of this poly-roofed Abingdon conservatory were adequate; however the existing side window and door frames were of 60 mm thickness. We deemed these to be of insufficient strength to carry the extra weight of the new roof, so we fitted new reinforced 70 mm Duraflex windows and French doors, with ‘A’ rated glass used throughout.

Equi 1 IMG_0180

Because the upgraded conservatory would have a reduced glazed area, it would no longer count as a ‘temporary structure’ in law – so we carried out the work under a formal Building Notice, with the council’s building inspector approving each step. It should be noted that, whether or not a formal Building Notice is required for a particular project, Admiral Windows Oxford always build to meet or exceed current Building Regulations.

The building inspector commented on the high quality of workmanship that we had achieved. This was not altogether surprising to us – our project manager Simon is himself an ex local authority building surveyor!

Battens and insulation IMG_0194

Insulation and battening are installed, ready for the new roof to be plaster-boarded and plastered inside.

Doors IMG_0199

The new Equinox conservatory roof is fitted with composite tiles. Pewter colour was selected for these: a close match with the tiles on the house roof.

Are you interested in upgrading your conservatory? Call Admiral Windows (Oxford) on 01865 788333 to book an appointment for our surveyor to assess the suitability of the conservatory for a solid roof conversion. As ever, our quotation will be free and it will come without any obligation or pressure.

Equinox Abingdon BEFORE AND AFTER
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