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National Home Security Month

Did you know that October has been designated ‘National Home Security Month’? The organisers have even given it an abbreviation: the catchy ‘NHSM’ (add your own hashtag). What this means is that the clocks will soon be going back, and renowned lock-maker Yale wish to publicise the notion that longer nights can mean more opportunities for burglars to do their thing.

Here’s our own advice for securing your home, focused on doors and windows:



Doors should use multi-point locking – all doors from Admiral Windows Oxford have this essential feature.

Where door glass is fitted, consider upgrading to laminated glass (this is standard on doors that are specified to meet Secured by Design accreditation).

Don’t keep door keys where they might be accessed by means of a fishing rod inserted through the letter-plate. Fitment of a letter-plate restrictor helps here.

Consider having a spy-hole or a digital monitoring system fitted so that you can see who’s outside before opening the door.



Replace any broken or cracked glass units. The sound made by breaking glass is a key deterrent to a burglar – if one pane of glass in a double glazed unit is already compromised, the unit will make less sound when it is broken.

Replace any older (e.g.1980s) uPVC frames that are externally beaded. External beading allows the glass unit to be removed easily from outside. New windows that we fit are usually internally beaded but, where external beading is preferred, modern frames feature internal wedge gaskets that must be removed before the external beading can be withdrawn.

When replacing windows, use a Fensa-registered company such as ourselves. Fensa registration demonstrates that the window company will perform the work to the standards required by current building regulations.

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