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Flush casement windows – Evolution vs. Residence Collection

evolution flush casement from evo website

Evolution flush casement window. (Image: Evolution)

What do we mean by a ‘flush casement’?

Opening sashes on standard PVCu windows sit proud of the window frames, like this:

standard pvcu casement detail 600px

Standard Duraflex profile PVCu opening sash.

Flush casements are designed from the outset to replicate traditional timber windows, with opening sashes being contained within the frame structure – like this:

r9 chartwell green from brochure pe

Residence Collection R9 flush casement (Image: Residence Collection)

PVCu composite flush casements give a superior appearance; consequently they are premium choices for either period homes or for modern homes. Options include period hardware such as monkey-tail handles and either working or dummy butt hinges. The best known brands in this timber-replacement window market are Residence Collection and Evolution. How do they compare?

benefits chart evolution residence collection

Which should I choose – Residence Collection or Evolution?

Residence Collection’s products are usually more expensive than those of Evolution. Designed from the outset to replicate the chunkier dimensions of timber frames, there will be less making good to do when original timber casements are replaced with R9 windows. The slimmer R7 windows are suitable for modern homes, and as direct replacements for standard PVCu windows.

With Residence Collection windows, the glass is bonded to the frames instead of being beaded in place. While this improves energy performance, it does mean that replacing a broken pane of glass is less straightforward (okay, that’s a euphemism for ‘more expensive’)! Evolution windows are internally beaded as standard.

Admiral Windows Oxford is an authorised supplier and installer of both Evolution windows and Residence Collection windows. Ultimately, your choice will be influenced by what sort of windows are already fitted to your property, by your budget and on your priorities. We will discuss these factors with you when we visit to give you a quote.

Whichever you choose, Evolution or Residence Collection, you can expect high levels of security and weatherproofing performance. And, by choosing Admiral Windows, you can be assured that your new windows will be competitively priced and that they will be fitted to perfection.

r9 detail from brochure

Detail from R9 window (Image: Residence Collection)

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