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Deceuninck Heritage Flush Casement Windows

A Woodstock resident wanted to replace their traditional casement windows with new double-glazed windows. These would need to retain the look of the original windows. Because their cottage fronts a busy main road, the new windows on the front elevation would need to be fitted with soundproofing glass.

We fitted these beautiful uPVC flush casement windows from Deceuninck UK’s Heritage range. The new windows are Agate Grey (RAL 7038) on the outside, with Heritage White inner faces and black handles. (Agate Grey is a very similar shade to Painswick.) Retaining the traditional appearance of the old windows, the new front windows are fitted with astragal bars.

To address the issue of road noise at the front of the cottage, we specified double glazed units with a combination of 8.8 mm laminated glass outside panes and 6 mm internal panes. Using glass panes of different thicknesses breaks up the resident frequency of the sound waves. The laminated outer panes further reduce the amount of outside noise that can pass to the inside – and they provide a worthwhile security benefit too.

There was no need to fit soundproof glass to the two upstairs rooms at the rear of the cottage and, to keep costs down, it was decided that astragal bars and monkey-tail handles were not necessary on these windows.

This smaller rear window (above) features a floating mullion – i.e. the mullion is attached to one of the sashes and, when both sashes are opened, there is no central obstruction. This allows the full width of the portal to be used for emergency egress.

Before … (image: Google Streetview)

… and after. The look of the original windows has been preserved while improving security, energy-efficiency and soundproofing.

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