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Conservatory with solid tiled roof

We built this solid roof conservatory for a Kennington couple who wanted an extra room that they could use all year. Having previously used Admiral Windows to replace windows at the front of their bungalow, they visited our Chilton show-site and we discussed various options before making an appointment for a home visit from our expert surveyor.

image047 AFTER double hipped solid roof conservatory Admiral Windows Oxford

The conservatory has a rectangular plan to maximise internal space. To accommodate the low eaves of the Kennington bungalow, the conservatory roof is of a double-hipped design.

Because their garden is south facing and receives a lot of sun, the couple decided to have an insulated solid roof that is covered with composite tiles. To not deprive the adjoining living room of light, we fitted two electrically opening rooflights – these are operated automatically via a dedicated control unit. The system incorporates rain sensors to ensure, whatever the temperature, that the vents are closed at the first drop of rain.

image045 plastering complete_vaulted ceiling

The resulting home extension looks fabulous – especially inside, with its plastered and vaulted ceiling.

The extension was constructed under a Building Notice, with the council’s Building Inspectors approving each step.

Composite strip of build_solid roof conservatory_Admiral Windows Oxford
image050 solid roof conservatory_flooring laid_Admiral Windows Oxford
image053 completed conservatory 2_Admiral Windows Oxford
image054 final look inside completed conservatory_Admiral Windows Oxford

If you would like to discuss the possibilities for adding a conservatory or an orangery extension to your own home, a good place to start is with a visit to our Chilton show-site where you can see examples of various designs and material options. (No appointment is necessary – the show-site is open every weekend between 11AM and 4PM, and every weekday from 12PM until 4PM.) Alternatively, to book a no-obligation home visit and quote from our dedicated conservatory surveyor, call our Admiral Windows Oxford office direct on 01865 788333.

image051 AFTER completed conservatory by Admiral Windows Oxford

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