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Conservatory roof replacement

Is your conservatory too hot in summer and too cold in winter? A new conservatory roof could make all the difference.

Many older conservatories still have polycarbonate roofs. Upgrading to a full glass roof would improve the appearance of the conservatory and give better insulation. Even better insulation would be given by a solid roof. Our industry is seeing an increase in popularity for solid roof conservatories, and manufacturers such as Ultraframe and Eurocell have developed innovative solid roofing systems. Some use tiles, others such as Ultraframe’s LiveInRoof use a mixture of glass and opaque aluminium panels.


Ultraframe LiveInRoof (image: Ultraframe)

Conservatory solid roofs are packed with insulation and are designed to take a plastered internal finish, giving a vaulted ceiling. Add glass panels or rooflights so that adjoining rooms are not deprived of light.

image045 plastering complete_vaulted ceiling

Dwarf-walled conservatory with solid tiled roof and electrically operated rooflights, built 2019 by Admiral Windows Oxford.

It is important to commission a reputable company to carry out such work, as there can be pitfalls for the unwary. Are the foundations adequate to take the increased weight of a more substantial roof? Are the side frames adequately reinforced? These factors and more will be explored when our experienced surveyor visits to prepare our quotation. Our quotation will be free and, as ever, it will come without any obligation on your part.

Call Admiral Windows Oxford on 01865 788333 – or pick up a brochure at our conservatory show-site, which you can find at Chilton Garden Centre.

Equinox Abingdon BEFORE AND AFTER

Eurocell Equinox solid roof conversion of existing conservatory. Work completed 2018 by Admiral Windows Oxford.

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