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Building a conservatory

We were contacted by a customer who lives near Steeple Claydon in Buckinghamshire, who wanted to extend their living space. Following a visit to the property, we produced 3-dimensional drawings, of which this is a sample.

Woods with sign_sml

Our customer liked our plans and commissioned us to build this Georgian-style conservatory.  Because there would be no door between the house and the new conservatory, we would need to construct under a building notice, with the council’s building inspectors approving each step. Read on to see how we went about realising the vision.

First, we needed to know what was under our feet. A little digging revealed that the house had been built on made up ground – this was the site of an old brickworks.

ground survey

We brought in a structural engineer, who designed a reinforced cage to take the concrete foundations.


The build is now well underway. The foundations are down and the damp proof course is about to be laid.


Installing wall ties and insulation ahead of construction of the inner blockwork  …


CHRIS: ‘Keith! Keith! You going to be long, mate?’

Phil Chris and Keith

KEITH: ‘Okay, okay, tea breaks don’t have themselves, you know.’

PHIL (pointing): ‘Left a bit, right a bit, up a bit, down a bit …’


The roof bars are up and the patio doors are placed in position.


The glazing units have now been installed and we’re watching the plaster dry. When you’re tired of watching plaster dry, you’re tired of life.


While the new boiler is being fitted, let’s take a look around the back. The new brickwork matches the old – we’re always keen to get this right.


Nearing completion now – the boiler’s in, the radiator’s in, walls have been painted and the flooring has been laid.


The new build is signed off by the building inspectors, and we clear away our tools and equipment, leaving our customer to enjoy their new extension.

Complete 1

If you are interested in having a new conservatory or extension added to your home, do give us a call on 01865 788333 to book a no-obligation visit. You can also visit us at our Chilton show site, where examples of various conservatory styles can be seen and you can pick up a brochure.

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