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Astragal bars vs. Georgian bars – what’s the difference?

We’re sometimes asked how to differentiate between these window options.

Georgian bars

These fit inside the sealed double glazing unit between the two panes of glass. The glass surfaces remain smooth and easy to clean.

Georgian Bars in uPVC Admiral Windows Oxford

White uPVC windows featuring top-lights with Georgian bars. Windows installed 2018 by Admiral Windows Oxford.

Astragal bars

These are fitted externally over a glazing unit that contains a matching set of internal (Georgian) bars. In this way, the glazed unit appears to be separated into sections. This gives a more authentic reproduction of the muntin bars that hold glazing sections in place on multi-paned period windows. Due to the extra materials and work that is required, windows featuring astragal bars are priced higher than those featuring only Georgian bars.

Astragal bars on uPVC window_Admiral Windows Oxford

Rosewood foiled uPVC window sample featuring astragal bars. This window can be viewed at the Admiral Windows & Conservatories Chilton showrooms (see map).

Admiral Windows Oxford showsite at Chilton ad ORANGERY

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