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An orangery in Kidlington – an illustrated review of a complete Admiral Windows build project.

Vaughan AFTER 1 IMG_0227

To accommodate the low eaves of this Kidlington bungalow, we designed its new orangery with a full-width double-hipped roof. The tilting and sliding patio doors to the rear of the bungalow were in good condition. To keep our customer’s costs down and to save unnecessary waste, we removed these very carefully and reused them in the orangery.

The project was overseen by our resident construction expert Simon. From demolition of the old porch, it took Admiral Windows Oxford just 14 working days to complete this build. The following series of photographs and annotations show how the project progressed.

Build 1 demolition IMG_1349

It didn’t take long for Keith and Chris to remove the old porch.

Build 2 digging for victory IMG_1359

Digging for victory.

Build 3 trench dug and filled IMG_1393

The completed trench with freshly poured concrete foundations.

Build 4 Build the wall IMG_1405

Build the wall!

Build 5 Inner blockwork IMG_1407

The inner blockwork is laid, and the tilt and turn patio doors are removed from the bungalow. These won’t be sent for recycling … they are good doors in good condition that we will reuse in the orangery.

Build 6 completed piers IMG_1410

Completed brick and block walls, ready for Phil and Clive to carry out installation of the frames and roof.

Build 7 new back door and catflap IMG_1424

A new PVCu back door is fitted to the bungalow.

Build 8 roof and frames IMG_0046

Roof and frame installation in progress. Note how Phil and Clive protected our customer’s lawn.

Build 9 relocated patio doors IMG_0045

The reused tilt and slide patio doors are installed to the orangery.

Build 10 floor insulation pre screed IMG_0052

Before the floor screed is poured, we add insulation and position the levelling tripods.

Build 11 concrete IMG_0053

Glooping and gurgling sounds are heard – they seem to be coming from the back of this white van.

Build 12 & 13 composite image

Gloop, gloop; gurgle gurgle. From pouring the concrete it took just 20 minutes to level the floor.

Build 14 Completed interior IMG_0223

Fast forwarding past the electrical installation and the plastering, here is the completed and decorated interior of the new orangery.

Vaughan AFTER 2 IMG_0226

Orangery extension built 2018 by Admiral Windows & Conservatories of Oxford.

Vaughan BEFORE n AFTER 1
Vaughan BEFORE n AFTER 2

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