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Adding a conservatory to a dormer bungalow

A Chilton householder wanted to extend their living space and, having been recommended Admiral Windows Oxford by neighbours, they called in at our Chilton Garden Centre show-site where they saw examples of various conservatory styles.


Because the new extension would be positioned adjacent to the low eaves of the semi-detached dormer bungalow, we designed the conservatory with a double-hipped roof (this is an Edwardian style roof that slopes on all sides). This roof is glazed with insulating Pikington Activ Blue glass. The self-cleaning property of this glass eliminates any need for regular maintenance. A ceiling fan will help to keep the interior comfortable on hot days.

Rolls ROOF int

New brick walls were specified to match the existing brickwork. An area of high walling gives privacy, while sections of dwarf wall allow views of the garden and of the countryside beyond.

Rolls CONS FROM HOUSE portrait

An attractive feature of the design is the part-glazed French doors. These continue the glazing line of the windows, and they feature traditional-style flag hinges for ease of maintenance.


Admiral Windows Oxford completed all aspects of this build, including the plastering, the electrical installation and the tiled flooring. Many thanks to our customer, who allowed us to take these photographs of the furnished and decorated conservatory.

Rolls AFTER 2
Rolls AFTER 1

ROLLS Before and After
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