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Why you should replace a misted up double-glazed unit

Do you have glazing that looks like this? Condensation and trapped water between the panes of a double glazed or triple glazed unit indicate that the internal seals have failed. This can happen to DGUs and TGUs over time. Result: reduced insulation value, leading to higher heating bills and increased transmission of noise from outside.

Some companies claim to be able to re-seal failed glazing units (and, indeed, DIY kits are available on Ebay and elsewhere). In our experience however, such repairs are rarely successful. The best solution is simply to fit a new double glazed or triple glazed unit. This is still considerably cheaper than replacing an entire window and, to save waste, we will send the old glazing unit for recycling. For a no-obligation quote to replace a ‘blown’ glazed unit, call Admiral Windows Oxford’s repairs department on 01865 788333.

blown dgu roof unit 3 6x41200
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