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UPVC – how green are your windows?

Congratulations to Eurocell PLC for being named as the national winner of the sustainability category at the Future Manufacturing Awards. Admiral Windows has been trade partners with Eurocell for many years, and we can vouch for the durability of their UPVC products.

Over the past decade, Eurocell has invested £10m in its UPVC recycling facility, making it the largest of its kind in the UK. Through this investment, Eurocell has prevented over 60,500 Imperial tons of UPVC ending in landfill. In 2018 alone, the facility recycled more than 1.2 million frames.

As well as closing the resource loop by eliminating all this plastic waste, Eurocell’s recycling facility has created employment for 110 people.

product life cycle for uPVC windows

It is often underappreciated just how environmentally friendly UPVC is when compared with ‘traditional’ construction materials such as timber (which cannot be recycled, and is usually burned at end of life).

UPVC window frames can be recycled and repurposed up to 10 times without losing performance or quality. According to the Building Research Establishment, the average lifespan of UPVC windows is 35 years – meaning that UPVC can offer up to 350 years of high performance, with minimal impact on the environment. Furthermore, UPVC is a naturally insulating material, so it helps reduce your energy bills too.

Admiral Windows Oxford are proud to be contributing toward this great effort!

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