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Self-cleaning glass

Many of our customers ask us to fit self-cleaning glass to their conservatory roofs. The self-cleaning properties of Pilkington ‘Activ’ glass are achieved via a thin transparent coating of titanium dioxide, which is applied to the outer glass pane during the manufacturing process. Pilkington ‘Activ’ glass ‘self-cleans’ in two stages:

1/ Photo-catalytic stage:- organic dirt is broken down chemically by the ultraviolet portion of sunlight,

2/ Super-hydrophilic stage:- rain-water spreads evenly across the surface of the glass, washing away the dirt.

In this visual demonstration, raindrops can be seen clinging to the non-coated centre pane of a conservatory roof while spreading evenly across the other panels.

Admiral Windows Activ coating vs uncoated glass

Pilkington Activ glass is available tinted or non-tinted. Colour choices for tinted glass include blue and bronze. For more information about self-cleaning glass, see here (link opens in new tab / window).

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