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Replacing sash windows

Admiral Windows Oxford uPVC vertical slider1

The owner of this Oxford house wanted to replace their worn original timber sash windows with windows that retained the traditional aesthetics of the original fitments. Admiral Windows installed the uPVC replacements shown. These feature Georgian bars and traditional horns, making them almost indistinguishable from the original timber sashes. Pre-tensioned spiral balances replace the old weight and pulley system, giving smooth operation. Security and insulation are improved – and all at a fraction of the cost of fitting like-for-like timber sash replacements.

In this case I do not have any ‘before’ pictures of the original sashes in-situ – so you’ll have to imagine the peeling paint and the ancient rotting timber frames for yourself!

Admiral Windows can supply and fit many types of double glazed sash windows, framed either with engineered timber or with uPVC. Call us on 01865 788333 to book your no-obligation quote.

Admiral Windows Oxford uPVC vertical slider 2
Admiral Windows Oxford uPVC vertical slider 3 int
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