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Product Spotlight: LivinROOF for a solid roof conservatory.

In a recent post, we discussed the advantages of solid roofs for conservatories, and introduced Ultraframe’s hybrid conservatory roof system, ‘LivinROOF’. Let’s take a closer look.


Ultraframe LivinROOF (Image: Ultraframe)

LivinROOF does away with the need to match new and old roof tiles – by doing away with roof tiles altogether. From the outside, the roof looks much like a conventional glass panelled conservatory roof. Inside though, it gives you a fabulous vaulted and insulated ceiling that can take a plastered finish. Glass panels can be added anywhere across the roof, in any shape, distributing just the right amount of light exactly where it’s needed. You’ll be able to use the conservatory all year round, yet adjoining rooms need not lose valuable natural light.

Ultraframe LivinROOF_0000407

Ultraframe LivinROOF (Image: Ultraframe)

Depending on your design requirements, the roof pitch can be anywhere between 5° to 40.9°. This means that LivinROOF is perfect for people with low-pitched or lean-to conservatories.


Ultraframe LivinROOF (Image: Ultraframe)

Our surveyor will advise on which solid roof system will be the most suitable choice for your conservatory. For a free design consultation, call Admiral Windows Oxford on 01865 788333.

ultraframe livinroof 19382 crop 1200

Ultraframe LivinROOF exterior (Image: Ultraframe)

ultraframe livinroof interior 1200 crop19381

Ultraframe LivinROOF interior (Image: Ultraframe)

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