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March Winds

It’s a bit blowy out, isn’t it! At our Chilton show-site, fence panels and gates have blown down, and direction signs are askew.

Though March winds huff and puff, none of our show-site conservatories have sustained damage. Neither would we expect them to (other than, perhaps, through damage to glazing from flying debris). This is because our Ultraframe and Eurocell conservatory roofs have been comprehensively tested both for snow load and for wind load.

Ultraframe commissioned Wintech to test how well their ‘Classic’ conservatory roof can withstand high winds. The test consisted of an aero engine in combination with positive pressure from an internal fan trying to blow the roof off from the inside. The combined overall effect of wind uplift was equal to 130mph. The conservatory roof did not fail – the test ‘maxed out’. It was just not possible using the equipment available to apply any further pressure to the conservatory roof.

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