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I can has catflap

As well as carrying out major building and fenestration work in homes, in businesses and in public institutions across Oxfordshire (and a little beyond), Admiral Windows (Oxford) will also fit you a catflap.

Kitteh will love it! One potential downside, however, is that she might start bringing in her own entertainments, e.g. live mice.

Traumatised mices. When kitteh drops it onto the lounge carpet, the mouse looks dead – but then it reanimates while you’re looking for the gardening gloves. Mousey scurries off to hide, and the cat just sits there and watches.

This Harwell householder has attempted to fix the problem.

For decades, Gill Sans has been recognised as being top font for instructional signage. When we’re ordered not to do something via Gill Sans text, we tend to obey – we just don’t do that thing. So … why not apply this logic to kitteh? Address her bad habits via bossy signage? After all, she knows that proper branded cat food always has kittypix on the individual pouches and that the supermarket own-brand stuff does not. She knows this.

Catflap with sign 3 A W Brown 2018

Catflap fitted by Admiral Windows Oxford, together with Mk.1 sign. This sign proved just a little too wordy. Kitteh cannot be expected to understand such densely worded sentences – and the spelling’s all over the place. Little wonder then that, two hours after the sign went up, she brought in a field mouse …

Dinkle heart teh Cozee Kingdom A W Brown 2018

After the formal presentation, it was time to do relaxins.

Prohibition-sign-for-mice Gill Sans notice 9 A W Brown 2018

The simplified Mark 2 sign. So far so good with the Mk. 2.

Mouse-welfare note:

Mices have all been returned to the field, alive, following eventual capture in humane tip-traps. Recommended bait for these = Jaffa Cake. (The citrus aroma deters kitteh from playing with the baited trap.)

Blogpost-inspiration note:

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