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How to … clean your windows like a pro

Oh noes! You’ve spent hours cleaning your windows and then, when you step back to admire your handiwork, you realise that the windows are covered in misty streaks and now look worse than they did before. How do you achieve the sparkling finish that would be becoming of a professional window cleaner?

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Questions and answers

Q. What about cleaning the u-PVC frames?

A. U-PVC frames should be washed using a weak solution of washing-up liquid in water. On white frames, non-abrasive liquid PVCu cleaners can be used on stubborn stains. Do not use any cleaning fluid on wood-grain finished window frames – it should be soapy water only on these.

Q. How often should I clean my windows?

A. About every 6 months should do it – unless you live close to a busy road, in which case more frequent cleaning will be necessary.

Q. What about the self-cleaning glass on my conservatory roof?

A. Coated glass such as Pilkington Activ should be left to self-clean via the actions of rainwater and sunlight. During long dry spells, a hosing down with clean soft water will accelerate the self-cleaning process. As a last resort only, a mild solution of washing-up liquid can be applied and then rinsed off. No abrasives should be used, as these can scratch the external coating.

Q. My upstairs windows are hard to clean outside, and I don’t like going up ladders or paying for professional window cleaners. What can I do?

A. Consider installing tilt and turn windows – the outer panes can then be cleaned safely from inside.

Q. I really loathe window cleaning – is there some sort of treatment available that can reduce the need for window cleaning?

A. Yes – Admiral Windows Oxford is a certified installer of the Clear Shield Eco-System – a glass treatment that has been specifically developed to protect and maintain glass surfaces.

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Clear Shield works like the non-stick coatings that are applied to cookware. It forms a strong multi molecular bond on the surface of the glass, preventing contaminants from bonding to the glass surface. In this way, glass can be kept looking like new – Clear Shield coatings are easy to clean using normal non-abrasive cleaning methods. This unique polymeric resin can provide up to 10 years protection on sloping surfaces before it needs re-coating, or up to 15 years protection on vertical surfaces. To find out more about Clear Shield or to request a quotation, call Admiral Windows on 01865 788333.

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