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Fresh telephony for Admiral Windows

When you call the Admiral Windows Oxford office, you now go straight through to our reception team. There’s no longer any of this ‘press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts’ malarkey. Call us on 01865 788333 during office hours, and you’ll speak to a real person who will either deal with your enquiry directly or will transfer you to the most relevant department.

We emphasise this because of the sometimes infuriating IVR (interactive voice response) systems that large corporations tend to use. While some of these are clear and easy to navigate, others are not. A noteworthy offender here is a certain district council’s automated line for collecting council tax payments …

BT Viscount crop

For new windows and doors in Oxfordshire, call Admiral Windows Oxford on 01865 788333. For conservatory enquiries, please call our Chilton conservatory show-site on its direct line: 01235 835759.


For phone spotters, the red telephone pictured here is an STC manufactured BT Viscount 9515AR Ruby from the late 1980s. This is one of the earliest telephones that will work without modification on the modern telephone network.

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