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Aluminium windows – more than just a pretty frame

Aluminium alloy window frames have made quite a comeback in the residential glazing market. Thanks to thermal breaks now being incorporated in their profile designs, new aluminium window frames no longer suffer from the ‘cold bridging’ effect that used to occur with first generation aluminium windows.

Due to the natural ductility of aluminium, shaped and curved frames can be formed without the material losing its strength. The benefits of aluminium framed windows include:

Strength – Because the aluminium used in our window frames is alloyed with manganese and silicone, it has a higher strength to weight ratio than steel. Unlike steel, aluminium alloy does not become brittle at sub-zero temperatures.

Durability – Whatever the weather, aluminium window frames won’t crack, split or warp. Aluminium alloy is highly corrosion-resistant. Corrosion resistance is increased even further by powder coating. Window frames made from aluminium are very long lasting – which is one reason why aluminium window products have for many years been the first choice in commercial applications.

Appearance – Because of the inherent strength of the material, aluminium alloy window frames can be made slimmer than is possible with uPVC or timber. Elegant aluminium frames can be powder coated in any colour.

Fully recyclable – By ‘fully’ recyclable, we mean 100%! The quality of recycled aluminium is identical to that of virgin aluminium. Recycling aluminium takes less than a tenth the energy required to produce the same quantity of new material.

Admiral Windows is a FENSA-registered supplier and fitter of aluminium framed windows from Duration, Exlabesa, Real Aluminium and others. For a no-obligation quote on new aluminium windows for your home, call Admiral Windows Oxford: 01865 788333.

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