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A wider window

A Kidlington householder wanted to replace the ground floor windows on the front aspect of their detached house. The new window seen on the right of the picture below was a direct replacement – a straightforward job for Admiral Windows Oxford’s multi-skilled craftsmen Phil and Clive.

Prince Kidlington completed 1024px IMG_0203

The window on the left hand side was a full height unit (as shown in the before / after image at the head of this post). Our customer wanted to replace this with the wider standard casement shown. We would need to build up the wall here, and create a new opening.

Prince Kidlington Acroprops 600px

Our construction supremo Simon oversaw the project. We supplied reconstituted stones and, to ensure a good match, we mixed these with stones that were removed during creation of the new opening.

Simon made sure that suitable Acrow props were in place to support the load of the wall above while construction progressed. A steel support (RSJ) was installed to bear the load across the new window.

Prince Kidlington new plaster 900px

Phil and Clive also completed the internal plastering job.

Once dried and weathered, the freshly applied mortar will match the colour of the existing mortar.

Prince Kidlington AFTER 600px

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