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A spooky window – your Halloween spirit guide from Admiral Windows Oxford

No tricks … and certainly no ‘today only’ special offers! Admiral Windows Oxford gives a professional service supplying and fitting top quality windows and doors, at the best prices, all year round. That’s our treat for you and it’s what we’ve been doing since 1986.

With that said, this is our Halloween themed blog – in which we ask: ‘What makes for a properly spooky window?’

  1. Old is good. Timber is preferred. Decay is de rigueur. Muntin bars should be present, and bonus points are achieved when the whistling wind makes the frames rattle. Top spook points are achieved when rotting timber sash windows open and close only via non-human interventions.

  2. Historic spider webs and layers of accumulated grime will add to the desired sense of neglect.

  3. Single glazing is essential – it is a little known phact that spirits of the night are unable to pass through a double-glazed unit. It’s all very technical but, basically, it’s something to do with the inert space between the panes.

  4. If you have cracked or broken glass, then so much the better for enabling ‘third-eye’ viewing wherein random shapes assume delightfully terrifying spectral forms.

  5. Add dolls. Dolls should be placed on internal windowsills and oriented so that they can keep watch on the outdoors. The dolls’ glassy eyes will then follow every movement of the neighbours’ children as they go around the houses extracting their trick-or-treat* bunce.

* Should you wish to further discourage this activity, offer them a carrot. You could also include a mini-lecture on the health benefits of Vitamin A. They won’t be back.

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