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A Garden Room (home working diaries, week 2)

House tidied and vacuumed? Check. Loose fence panels re-fixed? Check. Garden weeds pulled and hedges trimmed? Check. Okay – better get on with some home working then. Ah, but now the kids are screaming at each other, the cat’s tormenting the dog again, and you’ve just discovered your partner’s overly candid diary in its special and no-longer secret hidey place.

Oh, for an escape – for somewhere within the curtilage of the garden where you can be at peace with your spreadsheets.

How about a garden room? Many conservatory and orangery designs work well as handsome freestanding structures. It’ll be a bit more expensive than attaching a conservatory to a house, as there will be at least one extra wall to build, an extra run of cabling to supply the electrics, and the project is more likely to require planning permission. We’ll take care of all that though, and leave you with a secure, detached and attractive place of retreat that will also add value to the property.

It costs nothing to obtain a quote from us, and you won’t be under any pressure to accept. We may not be able to commence building work straight away, but we expect demand to rise significantly across all our services once the government’s lockdown restrictions have been eased. Call Admiral Windows Oxford on 01865 788333.

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