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Selling your house? Eight tips to improve the appeal of an older conservatory

If you are about to move house, you will want to maximise your home’s appeal to potential buyers. How will you highlight an older conservatory’s value as a liveable extension? We’ll begin with the cheap stuff.

Inevitably, when I say ‘cheap’, I mean those little jobs that you’ve been putting off …

1/ De-clutter. A conservatory is not a storage shed. Remove bikes, toys, lawnmowers, gardening shears, old mattresses, the broken radiogram that’s sure to be worth a fortune once it’s been ‘fixed up’, etc. etc.

2/ Now that the lawnmower’s out, cut the grass in the garden and do the weeding. The view from the conservatory should be one that lets your potential buyers imagine themselves spending idyllic evenings looking out onto a dreamy garden paradise, not compiling ‘to do’ lists.

3/ This won’t work nearly as well if the windows aren’t clean – so clean them! This will also ensure that it will rain very soon, so the lawn will look extra lush. Even if you do have to clean the windows all over again.

4/ While you’re cleaning the windows, look out for any misted up double-glazed units. Misting between the panes means that the insulation has broken down within the sealed unit. Call our repairs service – we can help.

5/ Repaint any plastered walls and fill any damaged areas of plasterwork. In small conservatories, light colours give a sense of greater space.

6/ Furnish the conservatory to emphasise this as a place of tranquillity – somewhere to escape to after a hard day. Fancy some new chairs or a new sofa in the lounge? Some of the ‘lived in’ ones might work well inside the conservatory.

7/ If the conservatory has a very old polycarbonate roof, the panels may look unsightly by now. Ask us about replacing the polycarbonate sheets or upgrading the polycarbonate panelled roof to a self-cleaning glass roof. This latter option will insulate the space better and will transform the look and feel of the conservatory.

8/ Attend to any relevant items above before the estate agent comes around to take the pictures. Estate agents are notoriously rubbish at taking photographs and, however much you pay them, they’re not going to spend hours in Photoshop deleting piles of washing.

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