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Roofline makeover


Hopefully, we’re just about through the snow and gales of winter’s extended hangover, and we’ve caught up on our sleep following the start of British Summer Time last weekend.

This might then be a good time to take a look at the roofline of your house.

How well has your roof withstood the ravages of the ‘Beast from the East’, and Storms Fionn, Eleanor and Emma? Perhaps your gutters have seen better days, and are now sagging, leaking, cracked and buckling? Guttering and downpipes transport a lot of water – an inch of rain falling on 1000 square feet of roof will discharge over 600 gallons of water through the guttering and downpipes. If left to deteriorate further, damaged drainage systems can lead to expensive damage to the fabric of your home.

Well (you’ve guessed it!), help is at hand. Admiral can remove all rainwater goods, old fascias and soffits, and replace them with new long-lasting uPVC fascias and new soffits, together with new gutters and downpipes. No rot, no peeling and no need to repaint. Use our roof trim visualisation tool to help you imagine the effect of the various colour options and combinations that are available.

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