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Roofing options for solid-roof conservatories

If you’re considering upgrading your existing conservatory to a solid roof or contemplating a new solid-roofed conservatory, there are a number of roofing options. Which should you choose? In this post, we take a brief look at the most popular lightweight tiling systems plus an alternative that does away with tiles altogether – Ultraframe’s ‘LivinROOF’ system.

Synthetic slate tiles

4 comp tiles less croppy

  1. Traditional natural slate tile appearance

  2. Riven edges to give a pre-aged look

  3. Wide range of colours

  4. Manufactured from recyclable limestone and polypropylene

  5. Weight as laid: 12 – 16 kg / m2

  6. Suitable for roof pitches of at least 14.50

Lightweight steel-backed tiles

2 steel btl tile profiles
  1. Base coat: Acrylic resin

  2. Top coat: Stone granules with clear acrylic overglaze

  3. Range of colours and profiles

  4. Weight as laid: 7 – 8 kg / m2

  5. Suitable for roof pitches of at least 100

Which system should I choose?

Synthetic slate tiles give a

superior look and are likely to better match the existing house roof tiling. However, synthetic slate tiles are not suitable for roofs with very low pitches. When we visit you to prepare our quotation, our experienced surveyor will advise you on the most suitable roofing system for your property. Visit our Chilton show-site to see samples of steel-backed tiles and synthetic slate tiles in various colours – or call Admiral Windows (Oxford) on 01865 788333 to book a consultation with our surveyor.

steel tile mounted on demo roofing section

Steel-backed lightweight roof tile mounted on section of insulated roofing. This sample can be viewed at our Chilton show-site.


We can also create a solid conservatory roof using Ultraframe’s ‘LivinROOF’ system – this uses smooth opaque panels and does without tiles altogether. It’s a good choice if you’d like a seamless mixture of glass panels with areas of solid roof.

ultraframe livinroof 19382 crop 1200

Ultraframe LivinROOF (Image: Ultraframe)

ultraframe livinroof interior 1200 crop19381

Ultraframe LivinROOF (Image: Ultraframe)

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