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Orangery or loft conversion? A Valentine’s Dove of Peace from Admiral Windows.

On this Valentine’s Day we don our relationship counselling hats to provide unbiased guidance regarding who’s right and who’s wrong. You should bear in mind that Admiral Windows Oxford does not carry out loft conversions … yet we most certainly do build fine conservatories and orangeries. ‘Due’ impartiality is the order here.

Oh dear. These people don’t look very happy. I wonder what they’ve been arguing about?

argument-bench-breakup CROP

Ah – it would appear that he wants a loft conversion. Whereas she would rather spend their money on a new orangery extension. Let’s examine each option:

Loft conversion


Okay – in a rising property market, added resale value from the extra bedroom might just about outweigh the build costs.

  1. You’ll have a new room (albeit a small one, and it’s at the top of a narrow dark staircase at the top of the house, and it’s a funny shape and you keep banging your head). Yay!

  2. The odd little room at top of the house makes a passable bolthole for someone who just wants to be left alone, thank you very much.


  1. The build costs are likely to be upwards of £30k.

  1. A large part of the house will not be habitable for the duration of works – unless you enjoy awakening to the sounds of power tools and banter. There’s also a fair chance that you’ll be having 6.30 AM meetings with builders in your bedroom. Never mind though, I’m sure that Dave, Mitch, Rich and Titch have seen it all before, and it’ll only be for a couple of months. Tops, m8.

  2. There are spiders up there. Big ones.

spider dangling
  1. Titch likes to play practical jokes every now and again but, don’t worry, luv – he’s only ‘avin a larf.

  2. It is an under-reported fact that all British spiders can, and will, bite.

  3. The conversion alters the structure of the house, putting extra load on the house walls and foundations. Though it’s probably nothing to worry about, and Dave’s mate Daz can pop round and fill in the plaster cracks once it’s all settled down.

  4. You’ve lost a good three feet from your main bedroom to make way for the new landing and staircase.

  5. You still want an orangery extension …

  6. … but the loft conversion went over budget. So you can’t have one.

  7. Daz is not answering his telephone.

Orangery extension


Expands the square footage of the house above what is already there – and at ground level.

  1. You have a new room – yay! This time though, the new room’s in the main living area of the house rather than in the bit that you’re in while you’re unconscious.

  2. All the family will want to use the room.

  3. The size and shape of the new room will be to your specification, instead of being dictated by the shape and dimensions of your loft space.

  4. Have as much or as little roof glazing as you wish. You could have a roof finished with stylish glazed lanterns … or a full glass roof … or a hybrid roof, or a solid vaulted roof with skylights … imagine … imagine …

You have a new way to enjoy your garden. It feels like … ooh, I don’t know … a twilight bridge on the threshold ‘tween inside and outside. There are evening sounds, and the sounds of the rain, and the most peaceful harmonious shared experiences in the most intimate part of the home. And, oh look, there’s a bunny.

  1. Minimal disruption during the build process – your house remains separate from the construction site.

  2. Repurposed outside area means a reduction in habitable space for garden spiders, and they’re the worst.


  1. In the estate agent’s window, the extra living room might not add quite as much value as an extra bedroom – but that will depend on local market conditions etc. etc..

  2. All the family will want to use the room.

  3. Because it came out considerably cheaper than the attic bedroom, there’s money left over for a loft ladder, some floorboards and a Velux – which is actually all he really needs for his ‘hobby room’. All relationships need compromise.

  4. To avoid stress, make sure that you deal with a reputable home improvement company. A company that has been trading successfully for over 30 years, for example. A company whose reputation has been earned through repeat custom and through word of mouth recommendations. A company like … oh, what’s its name now … Aardvark Windows? Aadmiral Windows? I think its logo involves a butterfly … Admiral Windows? Of Oxford? Yes, I think that’s right. A garden bird tells me that their phone number is 01865 788333, and that they do very reasonable quotes.

SIV orangery 2 Admiral Windows Oxford

Orangery constructed by Admiral Windows (Oxford)


Another orangery constructed by Admiral Windows (Oxford). You can come and see this one at our Chilton Garden Centre show-site.

ultraframe livinroof interior 1200 crop19381

P-shaped solid-roof conservatory (Image: Ultraframe)

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