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Clear Shield glass treatment

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We are delighted to announce that Admiral Windows have now been appointed as a certified installer of the Clear Shield Eco-System – a glass treatment that has been specifically developed to protect and maintain glass surfaces.

It works like the non-stick coatings that are applied to cookware. Clear Shield forms a strong multi molecular bond on the surface of the glass, preventing contaminants from bonding to the glass surface. In this way, glass can be kept looking like new – Clear Shield coatings are easy to clean using normal non-abrasive cleaning methods. This unique polymeric resin can provide up to 10 years protection on sloping surfaces before it needs re-coating, or up to 15 years protection on vertical surfaces.

  1. Keeps glass looking like new

  2. Resists staining and discolouration

  3. Easier cleaning

Guidelines on durability and cleaning can be found here (pdf – link opens in new tab / window).

To find out more about Clear Shield or to request a quotation, call us on 01865 788333.

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