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Watching the sky: lantern roofs

Does your flat-roofed extension cause adjoining rooms to be too dark? Adding one or more lantern roofs to a flat-roofed extension can transform the space into a desirable living area that is flooded with natural light. This is also likely to add value when it comes time to sell the house.

We can install lantern roofs made with either uPVC or aluminium frames. The latter are usually slimmer (and more expensive) than uPVC frames, so aluminium lanterns offer a greater glazed area – more glass; less frame. With that said, the frames can be attractive design elements in themselves. Lantern roofs are available in various sizes, from a 1 metre square upwards.


Atlas roof (aluminium)

Farndon Road 2

Skypod roof (uPVC)

Which would work best for you? Call us on 01865 788333 to book a no-obligation visit from one of our expert advisers.

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