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Conservatories: designing-in light

One of the great benefits of adding a conservatory or orangery to your home is that it can be configured to fit your needs precisely. If we know about your interests and hobbies, and about your intended uses for this new space, then we can apply our collective expertise toward offering design solutions that will really work for you.

Sometimes people underestimate how lighting can affect their use of a room. In our houses, natural light usually enters through vertical windows only. This is not always ideal – there will likely be glare spots and dark spots.

In rooms with vaulted ceilings, skylights allow a more balanced distribution of natural light. A glass-roofed conservatory gives the most naturalistic lighting conditions, in that much of the light entering the conservatory is from above. This contributes to the blurring of boundaries between house and garden that is part of why we love conservatories! Should you wish to work on a laptop computer or tablet at mid-day in this room though, you may well find that there can be just too much of a good thing.

Solution: a solid-roofed Admiral conservatory featuring vaulted and plastered ceilings with skylights in just the right places, giving you optimal levels of natural light, distributed exactly where you want it. If you know that you’d like to read books or work at your computer while at the same time having the perfect view of your garden – we will arrange the design elements to suit you and your location. Solid roofs can be tiled or panelled – the choice is yours.

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